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The Braggart
Le patron fanfaron Known for his success in his role as the Clumsy Waiter,
Bruno Leduc presents the newest addition to his repertoire of characters,
"The Braggart"

You want to do something different for your event.
"The Braggart" is the solution for you!

He should be presented to your guests as a new director of the company. At the beginning of your event he will discreetly join your guests and become increasingly familiar with his new subordinates.

"The Braggart" loves to hear his own voice, as well as talk about himself.

He will take every chance to impose upon your guests that his way is the best way, which will include the implementation of many programs targeted at improving the company.

Some of his ideas will be plausible and others will make no sense at all and this will be never ending.

You will know within 5 minutes, of working, that he takes his role to heart !!

He will quickly become the attraction of the evening and everyone will be talking about him!

After the alcohol starts to take effect, you can just imagine the situation !
Available in English and French for all types of events.
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