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The Clumsy waiter
The Clumsy waiter

Want to make your reception successful ?

The Clumsy waiter
is the performer you need.
You will especially like this role for its originality and the effect it gives !
It will be a reception that your guests will never forget.
I will be an incognito staff member where your event takes place and will catch your guests off guard!
I will make mistakes, some guests will turn red and others will laugh!
The first day at work is never easy. Your guests will want to be understanding and forgive my mistakes, however, when there is one after another...
Starting at the cocktail or at the first service, my behaviour will be so special and bizarre that all eyes will be on me until the service has ended.
You will have never experienced such service before!
As I serve the guests, I will join in their conversation while continuing to serve them with my "special touch", water in a wine glass, a conversation on my cell phone, etc.
I will try to do my best but there will be no hope,
I am... the CLUMSY WAITER !!!
Amazed customers
Hyundai Desjardins Association des Sourds du Canada AAA Clarica
Just to mention a few
Letters of reference - The Clumsy waiter
Hyundai Brossard
Centre Financier Clarica Brossard
Musikarts.com Productions
Casino de Charlevoix
Groupe Sodisco-Howden Inc.
Available in English and French for all types of events
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